Diesel Fuel Polishing


Is Your Diesel Fuel Clean?


There was a time when people did not need to ask this question, but times have changed and so has diesel fuel! Gone are the days of fuel lasting forever. Reduced sulfur levels in today’s diesel fuel can lead to corroded tanks, damaged parts, and a range of expensive problems, including:

  • Clogged Diesel Fuel Filters

  • Clogged Diesel Fuel Injectors

  • Costly Repairs

  • Replacing Large Quantities of Unusable Fuel

But there’s Good News!

Gulfstream Petroleum Services maintains the quality of your diesel and the quality of your fuel tank. We perform a four-step diesel fuel polishing and filtering process that will remove contaminants from your diesel fuel,increasing its lifespan and efficiency.


(1) My Diesel Fuel is dirty?

There is only one simple question for this Question….Very Likely!

Diesel fuel is not what it used to be.The very low sulfur in diesel fuel makes your tank a breeding ground for diesel bugs. There are twenty-seven species of diesel bugs that have been identified. Any one of them, or a combination of them, could be living in your tank.Diesel bugs produce waste products, creating a problem for you: Slime and Acid. These are carried through your entire fuel system, creating a numerous list of maintenance issues.


(2) Biocides

Using biocide to “Clean” your fuel is a common practice.

The Problem with this:

Biocides Kills the bugs. That’s a great thing! But…those dead bugs then fall to the bottom of your tank creating a layer of sludge. We use biocides during our fuel polishing process, along with three other steps that will not only remove contaminants from your fuel. but will clean the inside of your tank…creating a safe environment for your newly polished fuel.